‘Dirt’ is a short, humoristic and stirring anthem on everything that’s looked down upon.

Welcome to a dumpster. Once your eyes accustom to the dark and your ears to the silence, one of the garbage bags seems to be moving. There’s a man inside of it. Just as discarded as the dirt, just as (un)valued as the garbage man.
Why do we grant discarded goods a second life, but refuse to do the same for displaced people? We are clueless as to what we should do with all our garbage, and we don’t know what to do with all these displaced people. Maybe it’s because we don’t see any potential in them. Old glass becomes new glass. Old plastic becomes new plastic. Old paper becomes a newspaper. But what can a Syrian actor do in the Netherlands?

direction Belle van Heerikhuizen performance Rocco van Loenen, Abed Manla
Type Musical theatre
Duration 15 min.
Wheelchair accessible Yes
Age  All ages