Alles in één punt (Everything in one point)

An expressive performance about two planets that all of a sudden collide, thus redefining themselves and the universe.

‘When man
Flew to the moon
The only thing that mattered was
The Moon
She had underestimated
How it felt
To turn around,
Look back
And see where she came from.
A lonely blue eye.’

Inspired on ‘Cosmicomic stories’ by Italo Calvino, two worlds collide in one point in this expressive performance. One large force field is created, like in the space between the earth and the moon.

Can they accept each other or do they stick to their own universe?

Performance & direction: Danielle de Nul, Sari Veroustraete, counselling: Lola Bogaert, Bart Hollanders. Thanks to: Monty Cultuurfactorij and Brakke Grond.

Genre: Family entertainment
Duration: 15 min.
Language no problem

FC Bergman – Bart Hollanders: ‘Danielle possesses unbridled energy and is a great actress!’