My dearest,

I sometimes write a love poem, thus knowing for certain that I have loved, and sometimes I hope that someone writes back something nice in the colour blue maybe.

“Een klein stukje liefde” is a performance by actresses Lusanne Arts & Liza Kollau, both graduated from the academies of dramatic arts in Amsterdam and Utrecht this year. The performance is a musical ode to the love for one’s fellow-man and the appreciation of love letters, scribbled on tiny pieces of paper. Arts & Kollau will delve deeply into the sincere and passionate lines of us, human lovers, that we were able to see on paper so many times through the years and the words that the residents of the quarter and the public may contribute to this subject.

Concept and performance: Liza Kollau and Lusanne Arts, music: Kim Spierenburg, counselling: Annechien Koerselman and Riet Mellink, production: Rosa Lohman, image: Samm Ghilane. Thanks to all the residents of the quarter surrounding the Windroosplein and Stichting 5D