This is an overview of all the performances and activities that can be visited with kids during Over het IJ Festival 2016. Please note that not all performances are ‘language no problem’. Click the link to the performance you wish to visit to see if it’s available in English.

Kiemkracht by Het Houten Huis/Peergroup/Gouden Haas (9+). This is a family performance.

Amatourist by Kajetan Uranitsch (9+)

Expeditie Landschapsextracten by Satellietgroep (2+), please note: this is an expedition by bike of 3 hours.

Water by Anastasiia Liubchenko (Sea Container Program) (3+)

VUIL by Belle van Heerikhuizen (Sea Container Program) (All ages)

NDSM-berg by Nicolai Bosko (Sea Container Program) (8+)

HUIS by Elke Schouten (Sea Container Program) (4+)

Swinging Through by Narrative Collective (Sea Container Program) (7+)

De Verbeelde Stad by Krimskrams (Sea Container Program) (4+)

Tickets for kids below the age of 12 are €10,-. This rate goes for the Festival wristband as well as for the tickets in the main/regular program.