Ach… [Ah…]
The envisionment of a battle between the excesses of empathy and indifference, with time outs for chats about daily problems.

Is there a role that I, Hedwig Koers, should assume in society; a role that I am trying to avoid? Is it ever allowable to look away from all the tragedy in the world? How do I survive without looking the other way? Do indifferent reactions exist?

With these questions in mind me and my actors will occupy a forgotten playing field. Via stoic philosophy and the current status of our country we will investigate apathy: losing or winning?

concept / direction Hedwig Koers performance Anne Boeschoten, Tijs Huys, Sjoerd Meijer

Duration 35 minutes / part of Atelier Route (3,5 hours)
Wheelchair accessible Yes
Age 12 years or older