the lamest afterparty ever

A tripping performance about the last heartbeat of the city.

the lamest afterparty ever is a futuristic enlargement on the future of the city. We become part of the last cultural afterparty the city will ever offer. In fifteen minutes the bulldozer will come and will make room for a new shopping mall. The party is over, no more culture and the heart of the city will stop beating after tonight. The city will die and we get to be present at the after.

Concept/artist: Davey Bakker, performance: Mohammed Yusuf Boss, production/assistance: Élénie Wagner

Genre: Multimedia (dance)performance
Duration: 15 min.
Wheelchair accessible: Yes
Age 13+
Language no problem

Het Houten Huis – Elien van de Hoek about Davey Bakker: “Davey is a multi-talent who goes full blast. Dance, acting and film, he combines it all. We are very curious what he’ll come up with now!”