Deze zeecontainervoorstelling hebben wij helaas wegens omstandigheden moeten annuleren.


An invitation for an encounter with a stranger. A chance meeting with another person does not have a set destination.

In the chaos of the city we are flooded with an overload of impulses on a daily basis. As a reaction we unconsciously develop a protective coating around us; we start to filter. But the filter sometimes dares to tend to indifference. Our natural openness evaporates. Who knows how many fine things pass us by in the form of missed chance meetings day by day. HOI! creates a place to experience things together with another person and it tempts you to be candid. The unpredictable connection with someone else is given a chance here to develop into very special moments.

Genre: Experiential theatre
Duration: 15 min.
Wheelchair accessible: Yes
Age 7+
Language no problem