For Sauerkraut theatre maker Laura Vroom collects frustrations, irritations and annoyances. Based on this collection she writes texts and starts looking for creative solutions.

We grumble, complain and whine. Sometimes under our breath, sometimes in capital letters, sometimes in exactly 140 characters. Sauerkraut is an investigation into the frustrations about our life in the city. To lay those frustrations bare and critically examine them. Because change may just start when we acknowledge our problems. To put into perspective, to comfort and because it can be so enormously relieving.

concept and performance Laura Vroom supported by Stad Gent, Bij’ De Vieze Gasten, De Werf, Over het IJ Festival, Fabcity thanks to Bruno Van herck, Eduard Van herck, Katrien Valckenaers, Maxim Storms, Freek Mariën, Mira Bryssinck, Linde Carrijn, Simon van Schuylenbergh, Astrid Van herck, Seppe Decubber, et al.

Type Performance/ Theatre
Duration 15 min.
Wheelchair accessible Yes
Age 12 years and older