European Citizen Popsong
A Belgian singer-songwriter wants to create a European Citizen Popsong, in which she tries to reunite her fellow citizens in Europe.

The European Union exists 30 years. Is there a European identity? Nowadays, it seems that the Union is splintered like never before. Singer-songwriter Marieke Dermul feels the need to create a European Citizen Popsong. She goes through European cities with her European Citizen Popsong, to try to unify the European feeling between the citizens. She examines if art (still) can make a difference.

concept, text, music, performance Marieke Dermul film Janos Tedeschi supervision Simone Hogendijk thanks to Petra Ardai, De Brakke Grond, De Buren Brussel & Het Entrepot

Type Performance
Time 15 min.
Age 14+
Wheelchair accessible Yes
Language no problem