In Lawsuit against death Eva Knibbe and Bart van de Woestijne determine, together with the public, the position of death is in our lives. It is not an enacted lawsuit: everything is done according to the rules of a real criminal justice procedure. Afterwards a video of the lawsuit can be seen at the Festival Heart on a daily basis.

Pleaser note:
The Lawsuit is sold out, the video at the Festival Heart still can be seen. Every day from 7.30 PM, makers and professionals talk about the performance and the making-of.

Concept development & director Eva Knibbe, Bart van de Woestijne
Based on an idea of Eva Knibbe
Public prosecutor André Coumans
Lawyer of ‘Death’ Eugene Sutorius
Judge Mark Boekhorst and others
In cooperation with het Gerechtshof Amsterdam, Wooden O’, het Bostheater, Frances Sanders, Recording: Dennis Alink, Thomas van der Gronde