A performance about being alone among thousands of city dwellers.

Everyone has forgotten about Lili. She sits on a chair and waits. Is life meaningless when you are waiting?   Or is sitting on a chair and waiting just as meaningful as baking a cake? Or as working at the Albert Heijn? Does your life have meaning when you are alone? Or does your life only have meaning when you are with someone? Who will lend Lili a helping hand?

Concept and performance: Ritzah Statia, counselling: Ingrid Kuijpers

Genre: Physical performance
Duration: 15 min.
Wheelchair accessible: Yes
Age 3+
Language no problem

Golden Palace – Ingrid Kuijpers about Ritzah Statia: ‘Ritzah is an extremely powerful movement actress. She was an intern at Golden Palace and during improvisations she transformed into an over-the top version of Beyoncé just as easily as into a brutal man. All this physical power in a sea container, it will be very exciting I think.”