Lavendel, een queeste (Lavender, a quest)

The story of a leftist student theatre maker who develops a fascination for Thierry Baudet and everything that comes with it.

Roos comes from a leftist art bubble. Out of curiosity she starts to gather in-depth knowledge about the right wing side of things and by doing so sees a totally different city.  She did not only gain knowledge, but also attended rallies of the FvD where she met those in contact with Thierry and found herself on private parties, drinking whisky till late at night with his friends and family. Specifically in these times, where Roos is attacked personally by her leftist bubble because of the fact that she takes  those ‘right wing fascists’ of this country seriously, it is important to share each other’s stories.

Genre: Theatre, monologue
Duration 15 min.

BOG. – Benjamin Moen about Roos Sparreboom: “Roos is a provocative young writer and artist who is looking for extremes in her work in terms of subject matter. For example the text with which she graduated “Genaaid” (Fucked) that we read aloud with BOG about a young Muslim woman waiting for an operation that will restore her hymen. Now she gives full throttle to immerse herself in the realm of thought of the self-proclaimed greatest intellectual and politician of the country, Thierry Baudet.  Without judging she tries to find out how far she can go along with the way of thinking of the other person, we are very curious where this quest will lead her.”