De Sirene van Irene (Irene’s Siren)

A monologue about reluctantly messing around between a life without compromise and nuance.

Irene is born out of a flame.

Teacher Joke did no longer open the autumn season by lighting a real tealight because of safety reasons, but by lighting a lamp in the form of a tealight.

The lamp exploded in the storage cupboard of the fourth grade, between the crêpe paper, and out of the flames of the explosion Irene was born.

Ever since she wanders through the city with her portable siren to prevent that sentimental or naïve moments will arise between people.

De Sirene van Irene is about man who is restrained by his own consciousness. A spectacle of light and music about the maddening monologue inside your head.

Text and direction: Sarah Blok, performance: Maya Mertens, illustration: Jasmijn de Nood,

Thanks to TG Berg&Bos

Genre: Text theatre/musical theatre
Duration: 15 min.
Wheelchair accessible: Yes
Age 16+

Berg&Bos – Rick van den Bos about Sarah Blok: “We think that Sarah Blok is interesting because she does not limit herself to one discipline. Her starting point is what she wants to create, only then she chooses if it should become a film or a play or something else. That order of thinking appeals to us. Furthermore she is someone who loves actors, she writes while having in mind that the text should be actable and multi layered. And we recognize our Berg&Bros tone in her work because she knows how to treat difficult topics in a light hearted manner.”