#watnietweetwatnietdeert [#ignoranceisbliss]
Cities don’t arise spontaneously. Connections aren’t made automatically. We make them. Together. And we start today.

At least, in my city of tomorrow: where humanity is the Word of the Day, where mutual respect is a normal social skill, where empathy isn’t rare and people talk about ‘we’. Where people talk and people share. We seem to have forgotten how this is done (except on facebook #sharingiscaring). In #ignoranceisbliss we return to where it all starts. You.

concept Anna Maria Suijkerbuijk dance Afra Ernst & Anna Maria Suijkerbuijk music crosley record player, laptop and special guest performances

Type  Interactive Dance Theatre
Duration 15 min.
Wheelchair accessible Yes
Age 15 years or older
Language no problem

Performance ‘I came, I saw, I did nothing’ by Sine Forma at Over het IJ Festival 2015: