Het Burn-Out Bos [The Burn-Out Forest]
In The Burn-out Forest you feel, by someone else’s experiences, what it’s like to have a burn-out.

Lately more and more people topple over all around me. They are burnt out and exhausted. Why does this happen? It looks as if we are trying to reach a heaven by working very hard. In The Burn-Out Forest the people that fell over on their way there are given a voice. They put the public on hold and let them experience what it feels like to have a burn-out. Maybe the heaven that we work so hard for is already here. Now. At this moment.

concept/direction/editing Sophie van de Pol music Boris Bezemer camera Thomas van der Gronde artistic coach Maurice Bogaert interviewees Ton Aalbers, Casper Mallant, Marleen Romkema press image Anouk van Tiel thanks to Petra Ardai, Simone Hogendijk, De Onkruidenier – Jonmar van Vlijmen, Stichting Stadshout Amsterdam, Camalot, Singelfilm, Conservatorium van Amsterdam

Type Theatrical video-installation
Duration 15-20 min.
Wheelchair accessible Yes
Age  12 years and older