A performance about the paths in life. And why you are here and not there.

A physical musical theatre performance inspired by interviews with inhabitants of the KNSM-island in different stages of life. About the paths in life. And what could have happened if you had left five minutes earlier.

concept Suzan Tolsma, Rosine Langbroek & Alicia Verdú Macián performers Rosine Langbroek & Alicia Verdú Macián direction and script Suzan Tolsma music Jort Terwijn thanks to All the inhabitants of the KNSM-island that were interviewed, Loods6, Riet Mellink, Rosa Ronsdorf, Geert Jonkers, Over het IJ Festival and het Grachtenfestival.

 Musical theatre
Duration 15 min. / Part of route Eilandvariaties (100 min.)
Wheelchair accessible No
Age All ages