De Duiven [The Pigeons]
They steal your food,
they bother you,
they nestle,

they make an enormous mess.
shitty animals

The public is taken to the chaotic world of pigeons.

See the world from a whole different perspective: the bird eye’s view.

Pigeons have the possibility to fly away. Yet these pigeons have dicided to stay here. During this musical, feel-good performance these birds show how they made this spot their own.

(Do not hesitate to take some sweets or even eat, but keep your bags closed when loose pigeons are near.)

performance and direction Sanne van Boetzelaer, Joris Christ performance Iris van Lieshout, Elsa Lubbers, Ylene Lugtenborg, Floris Minnen, Matthijs Wagenaar, Barbara Willemsen et al costumes Madelein Christ thanks to Geert Jonkers

Type Musical theatre
Duration 45 min. / Part of route Eilandvariaties (100 min.)
Wheelchair accessible No
Age 15 years or older
Language no problem