Raw simplicity, physical engagement, a presence that is hard to ignore

| 40 min. |
€ 15 regular, €12.50 students
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open: 19:45h, start: 20:00h
There are things that have no name

With the attitude of "shared presence", I research how the moving body can relate to inner happening and at the same time allow to be observed by the audience.
There appear situations that we need to take part in. If we witness the beginning of an action, If something starts to happen, regardless of our will, we become its participants. And there are so many simultaneous beginnings of action we stop to acknowledge it. We drift in between the moment with a dose of significant disregard. In my solo, I confront feelings of determination, strong desire of reaction, result in change with absolute hopelessness, and resignation. 

About Maja
Maja Grzeczka (1993, Poland) Theatre-maker, performer, and dancer. Graduated from Mime School in Amsterdam this year. Known from her strong physicality and partiality to the simple, raw form.

performance by: Maja Grzeczka, directing assistance: Francesca Lazzeri, music: Matteo Bifulco

This performance will be presented on the 24th and 25th of September, together with the performance 'Beckett Machine' of Rick van der Steen.

SOLD OUT: Thursday the 24th

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